European AppCup 2014


Finalists 2014

B2B General Category

"Concept Inbox"

Concept Inbox
Windows 8

Concept inbox is a cloud platform that provides the designers with an all in one tool that helps them better manage their projects and deliver their work in the best possible way.

Company: concept inbox

Country: Spain

Team members: Oscar del Rio, CEO & Co-founder of Concept Inbox, Florencia Espinasse, Marketing Manager of Concept Inbox


Windows 8

EdgeOne is an app that allows professionals to organize, prepare and deliver the last updated sales material to the client at the right time and without any connection requirement.

Company: noledge

Country: France

Team member: Père Jerome, Founder of Noledge

"Mobile Gamification"

Mobile Gamification
Windows 8

This app helps motivate employees by incentivizing specific behaviours to achieve specific business goals. It integrates native CRM principles and game mechanics to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty among team members

Company: totalsoft

Country: Romania

Team Members: Andreea Pleșea, Development Manager at TotalSoft, Bogdan Popescu, Sales Manager at TotalSoft

B2B CityNext Category


Windows 8

It´s a health application, used by doctors with a touch interface. It allows healthcare professionals to realize the battery of cognitive tests to assess cognitive impairment and memory of the elderly.

Company: DYNSEO

Country: France

Team members: Justine Sauquet, CEO of DYNSEO, Dominique Sauquet, CTO of DYNSEO

"Med Case"

Med Case
Windows 8

Med Case is a professional app that supports rural areas and home doctors with a flexible combination of software and hardware. It manages the local patient assessments and connects to the hospital data centres or doctors IT system.

Company: Med Cubes GmbH

Country: Austria

Team members: Gernot Knes, Product Manager at Med Cubes GmbH, Matthias Obereder, Software Developer at Med Cubes GmbH

B2C General Category


Windows Phone 8

Foundbite combines photos and sound to capture the atmosphere of events, places or experiences. From the cheering of a crowd at an American football game to birdsong at sunset in Sri Lanka, explore the four corners of the world through other users’ experiences.

Company: mendzapp ltd.

Country: United Kingdom

Team member: James Mundy, Founder of Mendzapp Ltd.

"Memo cards"

Memo Cards
Windows Phone 8

Memo Cards is an app that allows users to use flashcards in many different ways. While playing, the user´s progress is analysed so that the application knows which card should be presented more often than other cards in order to improve the learning process.

Company: Coded Quality

Country: Poland

Team member: Adam Walocha, Founder of Coded Quality


Windows Phone 8

Pitwall creates an augmented entertainment experience, where real-time Formula1 races and fantasy managers merge. Pitwall is a formula1 manager which allows people to compete in real time against real team drivers and against friends.

Company: 89 bits

Country: Spain

Team Members: Carlos Molina, CEO & Founder of 89 Bits, Silvia Vigara Alcocer, Advisor at 89 Bits

"SmartKid Maths"

Smart Kids Math
Windows Phone 8

SmartKid Maths is an educational game developed by psychologists, scientists and teachers specialized in enhancing children's learning. The game has over 10 000 exercises in 100 progressive levels.

Company: skillpixels

Country: Finland

Team Members: Leonardo Albarran, Senior Software Engineer at SkillPixels


Windows Phone 8

TaxiCOP it's a real-time taxi fare calculator, which will monitor your route, time and mileage to make sure what your pay is accurate.

Company: TaxiCOP

Country: Romania

Team members: Mircea Deliu, Software Developer of TaxiCOP, Simona Deliu, Product Developer of TaxiCOP


Windows Phone 8

It´s an application for meeting interesting people from all over the world. It redefines the idea of pen pal conversations by adding new features to simplify the process of finding interesting people, establishing communication and maintaining it.

Company: Youmigo GbR

Country: Germany

Team members: Johannes Schmidt, CEO & Co-founder of Youmigo, Tobias Munzert, Creative Director & Co-founder of Youmigo

B2C CityNext Category


Windows Phone 8

Real time information and notification about the air quality and pollution levels near the user's location.

Company: PlusApps LLC

Country: Greece

Team member: George Spyrou, Founder of PlusApps LLC


Windows Phone 8

Get your friends and go outside, set a game and run. You need to get the coin at place where it’s showed on the map, but it is not an end – it’s just the beginning. The person who has a coin need to run because all other players will try to get the coin from him before the end of the game

Company: PlaceChallenge Inc

Country: Poland

Team members: Marcin Borecki, CEO at Place Challenge Inc., Jakub Kądziela, CTO at PlaceChallenge Inc.